Michael’s Thanksgiving

Michael is very happy today and why not, this is the day that he was waiting for entire year. He has invited several of his friends and now just finishing up before they come.

Preparations started a week back and now all set, he is well organized so easily can be able to host 40+ guests. Invitations reached out to friends, he personally went to their homes as most of them are nearby.

Full menu was there– Mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, pumpkin pie and a big roasted turkey birds with plenty of other food items what he wanted to make ready for the guests like cooked prawns, snacks and variety of drinks.

Charlie & Lucy are other 2 family members, he loves them like his kids and no one can feel they are dogs. But today they have kept under one room after their daily routines as they may show love over the limit to the guests.

Birds being cooked since last 8-10 hrs. and now almost ready but still some garnishing is needed, no helper was there yesterday but today one of his neighbor Julie arrived early and so things moving fast.

Michael, 54 years old guy have lost his wife 8 years back in an accident. Very sad news but even more painful when he lost his left leg as well in that accident. Now wooden stick is playing role of his leg but still he is showing much energy like a normal person.

That’s his willpower but reality is that he became so weak particularly because putting lot of arrangements and point to note that he is not very stable financially, best part is that his heart always beats for friends and he want to throw a big party every year on this occasion.

Thanksgiving is very special day for him for 2 reasons, one because he wants to share moment of happiness with the people and wants to take their blessings. Even at this situation of weakness, no sign of tiredness on his face which shows his supreme strength.

Its 12 Pm now and guests started coming, he was hosting everyone nicely and giving them company as per their preference on food and drinks. Entire noon the party was on, it ended almost by 6 pm when most of guests left and now only 3-4 are there to ramp up the things.

Everyone was so impressed by his diversified friend circle where people from different religions, status, customs, countries, genders and age groups were available, yet everyone was so nice to become friends with others.

No one knows the reality except Michael himself, these friends are not his very old friends like in school, college or in office. But some of them only 1-2 years old, most of them are 3-6 months old and few are only couple of weeks old. He has found them while walking, casual talking and during moments of sharing thoughts.

How strange! He was not very rich or influencing or in any position of power but simply because of his true feelings for human being. He make friends and trust them, he doesn’t have any relative or long term best friend around so just simply connecting with the people and holding them in his heart by open arms.

How many of us can do like this, Its very difficult to answer because when we don’t trust ourselves then we can’t trust others.. Love and friendship is like give and take, it can be groomed.. enhanced and over the time matured..

Michael is making the mark to the society, A question with an answer.. He is very happy today and now going to take sound sleep with relax mind because he want peace and happiness for himself by himself.. spreading love and not even thinking to get anything in return.. so he is happy and will remain happy…